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At the start of February, we shared an exclusive CGI preview of our pioneering new Gocycle CXi & CX+ Family Cargo electric bikes. It’s safe to say our newest family e-bikes generated some serious attention across the globe!

Today, we are excited to reveal a first look at pre-production models of our revolutionary new family cargo electric bikes. These images confirm that the stunning CXi & CX+ automotive-inspired e-bikes, previewed as CGI concepts in February, will become a groundbreaking production reality.



Gocycle’s Family Cargo entrants showcase the latest evolution of the brand’s OneDesignDNA® philosophy which is underpinned by class-leading lightweight, seamless design and complete integration. Diverging from the workhorse of cargo bikes, Gocycle’s CXi & CX+ embody a soul born of fun for life and will be the ultimate cargo e-bikes of choice for discerning families across the globe.



Gocycle Designer & Founder Richard Thorpe said: “As we start to qualify our production tooling, we are excited to share a first look at some of the pre-production CXi & CX+ models undergoing evaluation and testing. At Gocycle we cook with different ingredients, with our OneDesignDNA® philosophy running through the core of every model. Instantly recognizable as a Gocycle, the all new CXi employs Gocycle’s kernel of patented innovations such as our side-mounted Pitstopwheels®, Gocycle’s F1-inspired monocoque chassis, enclosed Cleandrive® drivetrain and internal cabling.”

“Lightweight, portable and fun. Gocycle’s take on Family Cargo addresses a vital gap in the market, appealing to those discerning families put off by cumbersome and heavy cargo bikes. Be it an urban, marine or rural setting, CXi & CX+ will offer incredible versatility with multiple accessory configurations available at launch.”



What is a Family Cargo electric bike without its accessories? As part of our pre-production photoshoot, we captured images of some of CXi’s possible accessory configurations. The innovative WingPillar Frame® is compatible for MIK child seats and accessories making multimodal configurations a breeze to fit.



The helpful graphic below highlights the full set of configurations that will be available to Gocycle CXi & CX+ owners at launch:



Gocycle’s set of bespoke accessories includes a unique F1-inspired HaloCX protective handrail for smaller passengers.

“Inspired by F1 and my own experiences with my son doing the school run on a Gocycle, HaloCX redefines safety and ergonomics for kids. Crafted from carbon fiber, it’s lightweight yet incredibly strong. With no sharp corners or welded joints, smooth to hold and feel, it’s a seamless blend of safety and fun.” Richard Thorpe, Designer at Gocycle.



The racing inspiration doesn’t stop there with the award-winning brand previewing its F1-inspired winglets which act as a step up to the rear deck for passengers.




The pioneering Gocycle CXi and CX+ will be produced in small quantities at launch, placing them amongst the most exclusive electric bikes in the world.


The Gocycle CXi will be priced from £5,999 / €6,999 / $6,999. Halo CX+ version, featuring the pioneering new Flofit® handlebar, will be available from £6,999 / €7,999 / $7,999.


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