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The Generation Four Gocycle range sets a new standard for lightweight design, innovation and performance in the portable urban e-bike segment.

Today, we are focusing on our most popular model – the Gocycle G4. Here are the top five things that make it one of the best electric bikes available today.

1. All-New G4drive Electric Motor

The Gocycle G4 is powered by the all-new G4drive™ electric motor. The G4drive™ provides a smooth and quiet ride, while delivering more torque and low-speed start capability – all within a class-leading compact package.

2. Injection Moulded Composite Mid-Frame

The monocoque chassis of the 2022 G4 features a new automotive-inspired injection moulded composite mid-frame. The innovative mid-frame forms the G4’s strong core and represents the latest evolution of Gocycle’s automotive design philosophy. It’s produced using an advanced automotive manufacturing technique that delivers automated precision, low weight, and class-leading stiffness.

3. Carbon Fibre Single-Sided Front Fork

An all-new single-sided carbon fibre front fork houses the fully-integrated G4drive™ electric motor and links the Gocycle chassis to the road. Its smooth and flowing lines provide a pure aesthetic while helping to reduce stress and overall weight. It’s been engineered with more vertical compliance for improved comfort whilst maintaining directional stiffness for sure-footed steering through the corners.

4. Gocycle MotorGP-inspired Treaded Tyre

G4 riders will enjoy an even smoother ride owing to Gocycle’s bespoke new MotoGP-inspired treaded tyre. The lightweight tyre is infused with silica compound for superior grip and sure-footed handling. Its wider design and increased air volume promise a comfortable ride across urban surfaces.

5. Integrated USB Port & Bespoke G4 Accessories

All Generation Four Gocycle models feature a new a discreet integrated USB port on the handlebar, enabling owners to charge their phone or other small devices from the bike’s battery when not in use.

A dedicated suite of Gocycle G4  accessories is now available including Gocycle front and rear mudguards, front and rear lights and an updated G4 rear luggage rack. The G4 range will be compatible with the existing bespoke Gocycle Front Pannier and Travel case.

Ok, we have already reached five, but there are a few more things we need to tell you! Fast charging (3.5 hours) is now standard across the range thanks to the new Gocycle G4 charger and owners will enjoy improved GocycleConnect App connectivity with the introduction of Low Energy Bluetooth.

The Gocycle G4 is available to order now (subject to stock availability) from gocycle.com and through select resellers throughout US, Canada, UK, and EU.

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