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Looking for an in-depth review of the new fast-folding Gocycle G4i? Influential Italian YouTuber Andrea Galeazzi recently put our newest Gocycle to the test on the streets of Milan.

Andrea praised our all-new G4drive electric motor and was left impressed with the performance of the new MotoGP-inspired Gocycle treaded tyres and new front and rear lights.

Watch the full review below:

Andrea is one of Italy’s most popular reviewers with more than 1.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

The G4i is not the first Gocycle he has reviewed for his channel. Two years ago he posted an episode about our fast-folding Gocycle GXi, describing it as the “Tesla of the electric bike world”.

The Gocycle G4, G4i and G4i+ are available to order now (subject to stock availability) from gocycle.com and through select resellers throughout US, Canada, UK, and EU.

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