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Commuting on your Gocycle? Collecting groceries from your local store? Riding in all weathers? We have you covered with our bespoke range of Gocycle accessories.

Our talented Gocycle design team have crafted an extensive range of accessories to ensure your Gocycle is ready for the job, however you use it.

Read on to learn about some of the most popular accessories for Gocycle riders.

Gocycle Front Pannier

Carrying your laptop to work? Collecting groceries? Going for a weekend picnic? Our bespoke Gocycle Front Pannier is the most popular accessory for commuters and leisure riders with its multi-directional expanding pockets offering impressive storage space and versatility to your bike.

It comes with a padded shoulder strap for added convenience and its been designed using lightweight and high-tech materials that keep it compact when not in use. Inspired by Gocycle’s patented Pitstopwheel®, with one simple movement, the front pannier can be effortlessly detached or re-attached.

Riding in wet weather conditions? Compliment the Gocycle Front Pannier with the Pannier Rain Cover for extra protection for your items against the elements.

Gocycle Rear Luggage Rack

Would you like extra load capacity on your Gocycle? Our bespoke Gocycle rear luggage racks transform your bike into the ultimate commuting electric two-wheeler. Each rear luggage rack has been carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with your Gocycle. As a result, there are three different versions available for stowable, fast-folding and our latest Generation Four models. All rear luggage racks feature lightweight robust 14 mm diameter pannier tubing to suit most modern rear panniers.

Gocycle Travel Case

Looking for a storage solution for your fast-folding Gocycle? The Gocycle Travel Case has been designed to store, transport and protect your bike when not in use. It boasts a stylish and durable design with a protective zip fastened cover and an internal pocket for storing essential accessories. Just like your fast-folding Gocycle when stowed, the case can be wheeled along effortlessly via two built-in wheels.

Do you own a stowable Gocycle? (G1, G2, G3, G3C or GS) Check out the Portable Docking Station.

Gocycle Mudguards & Integrated Light Kits

Riding your Gocycle in all weathers? Mudguards and lights are a commuting essential. Our front and rear mudguards have been specifically designed for the Gocycle with great protection for wet weather riding. The bespoke design incorporates a fixed attachment for secure mounting and a 53mm rubber mud flap for optimized performance.

There are a number of lighting choices available depending on your Gocycle model and location. Each of our fully-integrated light kits are powered by the Gocycle battery and compliment the Gocycle’s stylish design. For supplementary lighting, the battery-powered Gocycle Cateye Reflex Auto Light is a great option.

Gocycle Frame Protection Packs

Protect your bike from the elements with our bespoke Gocycle Frame protection packs. Core pattern-cutting software has been used to create a carefully shaped film that provides all the protection your Gocycle needs from scratches, stone chips or abrasions.

Each bespoke Frame Protection Pack seamlessly integrates with Gocycle’s clean design, with its outstanding optical clarity ensuring it’s almost impossible to detect once installed. Gocycle Frame Protection Packs are currently available for fast-folding Gocycle GX and GXi models.

The Gocycle Frame Protection Pack – Lite is compatible with all Gocycle models. It has been designed to protect areas on a Gocycle more likely to show signs of usage during normal operation. Areas protected include the Cleandrive bulge, Front edge of the Cleandrive and the top of the front frame.

Our bespoke Gocycle accessories are available to order now (subject to local availability) at www.gocycle.com.

If an accessory is out of stock you can register to receive an email to be the first to know when that item becomes available to order again.

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