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Stephen Worrel and his Gocycle.

Stephen Worrel

Whiskey merchant at Cadenhead’s Whiskey Shop & Tasting Room


“I opted for the Gocycle… I loved the look of the bike. Plus it’s designed in Britain.”

I am a whisky merchant in London at Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop & Tasting Room based in Marylebone. We have several hundred single malts to choose from ranging from 5-50+ years old.  We are just short of our 175th anniversary as an independent bottlers and 187 years old as Scotland’s oldest family owned and operated distillers. We also run daily tasting sessions or evening tasting events to give our customers as comprehensive range of tastes and of course for people just wanting to know a little more about one of the world’s most iconic products.

Stephen Worrel and his Gocycle in his Whiskey shop in London.

I returned to cycling just after my 50th birthday after a break of over 35 years since my last bike (OK, I am feeling old now). I opted for the Gocycle to get me back on the road mainly because of the need to feel as safe as possible riding in London. Secondly, I loved the look of the bike, plus it’s designed in Britain. After I had enough confidence and studied the Highway Code (again), I also purchased a road bike that I use a lot more during the summer months mainly for the enjoyment of cycling and not to race others. Indeed, when people think I am going faster than them, I wave them on because for me cycling is enjoyable, not a competition.

Stephen Worrel and his Gocycle in his Whiskey shop in London.

It’s been 3 years since I started to ride again. Not only do I feel a lot better, I am also a much better pedestrian! The best thing about cycling for me is the freedom it gives me. My journey time to and from work has been cut by over an hour each way, not to mention the saving on transport costs. I cycle on average 5 days a week for work and pleasure.

Stephen Worrel sampling a brand of Whiskey with his Gocycle in his Whiskey shop in London.

My journey takes me through Hyde Park which just happens to have my favourite stretch of road in the country! North Carriage Drive. This section of road may not be the most spectacular in the UK, it may not be the longest, but it is a rather special road because, on one side, you can’t mistake you’re in London, on the other side, you will see horses being trained and the trees in the park, creating the perfect backdrop.

Stephen Worrell Go Story, courtesy of Velorution