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G4i launched in 2021 as part of the Generation Four Gocycle electric bike range alongside the award-winning G4 and G4i+. The pioneering e-bike has gone on to gain critical acclaim across the world for its stylish design, exceptional performance and dazzling array of cutting-edge technologies.

Join us as we delve into the key rider-focused tech that makes G4i one of the world’s most innovative urban electric bikes.

Automotive-Inspired Daytime Running Light (DRL)

Just like most modern cars, the G4i features its own integrated Daytime Running Light (DRL). Gocycle’s patented unique proprietary DRL light pipe design and technology enhances the safety of riders by ensuring you can be seen from further away. Riders can choose between four light different modes which are indicated by the blue LEDs on the G4i’s dash.

Did you know? This pioneering safety technology was an e-bike industry first when Gocycle debuted it on the award-winning G3 back in 2016.

  1. Extended ‘to be seen’ light zone with G4i’s Daytime Running Light (DRL)
  2. Normal ‘to see’ light zone with optional integrated light kit.

F1 Inspired LED Cockpit

Ready, set, go! G4i comes with a bespoke cockpit on the handlebar that presents all the information a rider needs on a streamlined, F1 inspired LED dash that displays battery level, driving mode, speed and gear position.

Did you know? Owners often comment that Gocycle’s LED dash reminds them of KITT from popular 80’s adventure series Knight Rider. Let us know what you think!

Predictive Electronic Shifting

Ever set off in the wrong gear when riding your bike? G4i features Gocycle’s predictive electronic gear shift which automatically downshifts through the gears when slowing down, ensuring that the rider is never in the wrong gear, especially when the lights go green – a clean getaway every time!

Just like an automatic car, Gocycle’s electronic predictive shifting will automatically change gear depending on your speed. You can also shift up and down manually using the gear shifter on the right-hand side of the rider cockpit. Check out these top tips for getting the best out of this innovative feature.

Traction Control

The G4i’s traction control helps to reduce the likelihood of losing control of the front wheel (the motor-driven wheel) on loose or slippery surfaces, increasing the safety for the rider. When the Gocycle senses there is a loss of traction in the front wheel, the motor power is reduced or cut completely to allow the front tyre to regain traction.

Did you know? All Gocycle models feature traction control as standard. Gocycle is possibly the only e-bike on the market that comes with front wheel drive traction control as standard.

G4drive™ Electric Motor

G4i is powered by Gocycle’s powerful G4drive™ electric motor. The G4drive™ provides a smooth and quiet ride, while delivering more torque and low-speed start capability – all within a class-leading compact package. The proprietary G4drive™ and gearbox has been in development for a number of years and subject to many, many test miles at Gocycle’s research and development facility to ensure it performs to the G4’s high standards of reliability.

Watch the award-winning Gocycle G4i in action.


Head over to the Gocycle webstore to explore the G4i in more detail. G4i is available to order in matte black and white and can be personalized with a wide-range of bespoke Gocycle accessories.


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