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G4 Rear Luggage rack

Product Code: KKL-4065-4579-01

Compatible with Gocycle G4, G4i and G4i+ models only.

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The bespoke Gocycle G4 Rear Luggage Rack perfectly integrates with Gocycle G4, G4i and G4i+ models, transforming them into the ultimate commuting electric two-wheeler.

Users will appreciate the seamless design which enables them to fold / unfold their G4, G4i or G4i+ without the need to remove the luggage rack each time.

A fully-integrated Gocycle G4 Rear Light comes as standard with the Gocycle G4 Rear Luggage Rack, enhancing the safety of the rider by making them more visible to other road users.

The lightweight rear luggage rack has robust 14 mm diameter pannier tubing to suit most modern rear panniers.

Max loading capacity – 10kg/22lbs.

5mm and 3mm Allen Key Required to fit G4 Rear Luggage Rack.

The luggage rack is not compatible with the Gocycle Travel Case. The luggage rack would need to be removed from the Gocycle before storing in the Travel case.   Installation and removal instructions for the luggage rack can be found here: G4 Luggage Rack – Gocycle Support (zendesk.com)    

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