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Gocycle G4 or G4i. Not sure which of these award-winning electric bikes is the best choice for you? Whichever you choose, it will quickly become your ultimate personal travel companion. Both models deliver the ride comfort and dynamics of a full-size bike with all the versatility of a folding e-bike.

But what separates the two models? The G4i features the latest versions of Gocycle’s pioneering rider-focused tech and some awesome added convenience features. Here we highlight some of the key differences between G4 & G4i.

Battery Capacity

The G4i’s battery is 25% larger than the G4, 375Wh vs 300Wh, allowing riders to travel further on a single charge. The G4i will provide a range of up to 50 miles (80km) while G4 delivers up to 40 miles (65km) depending on pedal input.

The battery is removeable on all Generation Four Gocycle models and fast charging is standard across the range with Gocycle’s new 4A 36V Charger.

Dash Display            

G4 features a micro-LED “fuel gauge” on the dashboard to keep the rider aware of current charge status. G4i is specified with Gocycle’s F1 inspired rider cockpit which adds gear indicator, motor power, Daytime Running Light settings and speed to the G4’s battery display, giving the rider all the information they need.

Gear Shifting

G4i riders will benefit from Gocycle’s electronic predictive shifting which enables the Gocycle to shift up and down automatically. The feature ensures that you’ll never be in the wrong gear when setting off from a standstill. You can also shift up and down manually using the gear shifter on the right-hand side of the rider cockpit.

The electronic shifting removes the need for an external gear cable, giving the G4i a completely integrated, clean, no compromises design.

G4 is specified with Gocycle’s mechanical microshift twist shifter. Riders can change into a higher gear by rotating the shifter towards them or a lower gear by rotating the microshift away from them.

Daytime Running Light (DRL)

The G4i’s handlebar features Gocycle’s proprietary automotive-inspired Daytime Running Light (DRL). The DRL uses patented light bar technology to provide a bright light with four different settings. The fully integrated light enhances the safety of riders by ensuring you can be seen from further away.

Handlebar Adjustment

Gocycle’s Vgonomic™ design provides contact points in exactly the same place as a large-wheel bike – but with more adjustment to fit more riders. The Vgonomic™-designed seat-post and frame geometry provides adaptable fitting with superior comfort levels for a wide range of body types.

G4i riders will benefit from the extra convenience of adjustable handlebars. Depending on the rider’s height and riding style, the handlebar can be lowered by 50mm (2″) from the factory default position. Read more information on the G4i’s handlebar height adjustment feature here.

Rider Touch Points: Saddle & Grips

The G4i features Gocycle’s Ergo Comfort moulded grips which integrate with the electric twist shifters that control the DRL, throttle and gear shifting. These bespoke grips and G4i’s upgraded padded saddle (Gocycle Ergo Comfort) provide more comfort for riders on a daily commute or out for longer journeys.


The G4i is specified with MKS EZY one-side removable pedals. This allows the right-side pedal to be removed for travel, storage or even security. A pedal holder is fitted on the lockshock to store the pedal while it is removed. The G4i’s MKS pedals provide more grip and increased performance. G4 features Gocycle’s fixed durable fast-folding pedals as standard.

Check out our dedicated G4i blog to explore its innovative rider-focused tech in more detail. Ready to ride? Head over to the Gocycle webstore to specify your own fast-folding Gocycle G4 or G4i electric bike.


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