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Mark Simlo.

Mark Simlo

Gocycle GX Owner


“An Electric Pairing: Gocycle & Tesla.”

There’s something totally thrilling and fun about putting an electric motor onto something with wheels. I discovered this about 5 years ago when I bought my first Tesla. Smooth performance, silent running and an infectious wave of torque that was there and ready to use all the time.

This purchase led to me looking at other electrified transport methods and I ended up buying two large electric mountain bikes next. These were great fun but had a major disadvantage – they were large!

Mark Simlo.

I’d seen the Gocycle years before when they first came out at a boat show in London that I had attended, and they had stuck in my mind ever since due to their radical design and smooth lines. Although they were clearly ‘a bike’ what I loved most was the way they challenged convention. The combination of the single arm front fork, the shape of the frame with its smooth lines and the single arm completely enclosed drive made these bikes look nothing like anything else I’d ever come across.

My personal Gocycle journey started about three years ago when in order to solve the issue of transporting those large e-bikes around I bought myself and my partner two Gocycle GX folding e-bikes specifically for use in the Tesla when we went on our travels.

When folded (and even without needing to remove the seat post) I could easily fit BOTH Gocycles into the back of both our Tesla Model S and also our Tesla Model 3. These are the perfect complement to our electric travels and because they are so easy to transport, and are safely out of sight when both locked in the boot, they come with us everywhere. The saying about cameras applies to these Gocycles ‘the best one is the one you have with you when you need one’.

Mark Simlo.

Removed from the boot and deployed in a matter of about 8 seconds, these Gocycles have travelled with us everywhere – all over London (multiple times), Southend and just recently they came on a 3,500 mile Tesla roadtrip with us all around Spain. We were in Spain for over one month where we used them to discover Valencia, Barcelona and also the beach paths in the areas where we stayed…admittedly using them on the beach paths actually translates to 20 minutes of cycling followed by 45 minutes of sitting in the next beach bar.

Because we opted for the folding GX models once we arrived at a bar or restaurant, we simply folded them down (about 8 seconds!) and stored them next to us by our table. Safe, secure and not in anybody’s way.

Mark Simlo

People ask about range and I always answer the same ‘longer than I want to spend riding’. I can’t recall ever running out of power and it’s always my backside that’s ready to stop before the battery is exhausted.

My passion for electric drive has led me to run for the last few years a large UK Tesla Owners group on Facebook which is specifically for Tesla owners in the UK. Through simply chatting to other owners at the many group meet ups, I have recommended Gocycles to at least six other Tesla owners who have bought them and have been equally as impressed with them as I have been. These Gocycles are always such a conversation starter.

Wheels + electric motors = fantastic fun.

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