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Technical Support - May 2016
I am impressed with your customer care. Thank you and well done!
Customer Service - July 2014
It's a pleasure to receive such personal treatment! Viva Gocycle!
Technical Support - January 2016
Thank you for the speedy and friendly service! Hear from you soon.
Product - May 2014
After 200 km of use:
BEST bikes for the boat we ever had... and we tried quite some.
Customer service - December 2013
Thanks once again to all at Gocycle.
Your customer service is excellent. A big thank you!
Customer service - January 2013
Excellent support... I have received and fitted the bolts.
Thank you so much for an excellent support service.
Product - March 2013
I am now enjoying my new Gocycle... Paul and I were impressed with the
professionalism your team showed us on each of the three occasions we met.
Product - May 2014
The Gocycle definitely lives up to my expectations, in usability as well as style...
My compliments for a thoroughly developed design.
Product - September 2014
Coincidently, last week I passed 10,000 miles on my various
Gocycles (G1 & G2), and am looking forward to the next 10,000!
Customer service - July 2014
I really cannot find any superlatives that truly represent you and all in
your Team that have been so helpful over the past couple of weeks.
Award winning design
Award winning design
Award winning design
Technical support - June 2015

Many many thanks for your help. Excellent service.

Product - June 2015

I am a very enthusiastic rider of a black beauty Gocycle G2, it is just perfect!

Technical support - March 2015
I followed your advice it worked out perfectly.
Thank you very much for your help. Great service!
Technical support - March 2015
Thank you very much for the hard work and quick replies.
Fabulous team.
Technical support - February 2015
The bike is working absolutely fine. It worked!
Thanks again for being so kind and helping with this.
Product - December 2014
Firstly, I want to say how pleased I am with the bikes.
I have recently been using mine for commuting to work and it's brilliant.
Product - January 2016
Very very good work on the updated G2!
I can only imagine what G3 will be like!
Product - January 2016
The auto shifting gears, the assisted motor & the whole experience is phenomenal!
The app may have room for improvement but the bike itself is amazing!
Product - January 2016
Received my G2 and within minutes was assembled and ready to go! I work
for Apple so I feel like I went from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6S!


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