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Technical Support - May 2016
I am impressed with your customer care. Thank you and well done!
Customer Service - July 2014
It's a pleasure to receive such personal treatment! Viva Gocycle!
Technical Support - January 2016
Thank you for the speedy and friendly service! Hear from you soon.
Product - May 2014
After 200 km of use:
BEST bikes for the boat we ever had... and we tried quite some.
Technical Support - August 2016
Technical support team were prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and patient
in dealing with me, giving clear instructions and offering logical solutions.
Product - August 2016
I have a collection of 4 electric bikes, but the Gocycle G3 is the extremely
special and nice. Everything is perfect - design as well as the way of riding.
Product - May 2014
The Gocycle definitely lives up to my expectations, in usability as well as style...
My compliments for a thoroughly developed design.
Product - September 2014
Coincidently, last week I passed 10,000 miles on my various
Gocycles (G1 & G2), and am looking forward to the next 10,000!
Product & Technical Support - October 2016
Thank you very much for the assistance Robin! I love the bikes and the
great support I have now experienced. Thank you for the tips, as well!
Award winning design
Award winning design
Award winning design
Technical support - June 2015

Many many thanks for your help. Excellent service.

Product - June 2015

I am a very enthusiastic rider of a black beauty Gocycle G2, it is just perfect!

Technical support - March 2015
I followed your advice it worked out perfectly.
Thank you very much for your help. Great service!
Technical support - March 2015
Thank you very much for the hard work and quick replies.
Fabulous team.
Technical support - February 2015
The bike is working absolutely fine. It worked!
Thanks again for being so kind and helping with this.
Product - September 2014
Thank you for such a beautiful piece of engineering in
a milestone improvement to the bicycle.
Product - January 2016
Very very good work on the updated G2!
I can only imagine what G3 will be like!
Product - January 2016
The auto shifting gears, the assisted motor & the whole experience is phenomenal!
The app may have room for improvement but the bike itself is amazing!
Product - January 2016
Received my G2 and within minutes was assembled and ready to go! I work
for Apple so I feel like I went from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6S!


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