Busch & Muller Secula E Rear Light

Product Code: KKL-4418-4108-01

Compatible with Gocycle G2*,G3*,GS*,G3+,GX and GXi models only.

Typically ships in 1-2 days



The Busch & Mueller Secula E Rear Light uses Gocycle’s internal battery to power the bright rear lights. German made, the LED lights are a must for commuting in the dark.

– Powered by the Gocycle’s internal battery
– Integrated design
– Front light required for the rear light to operate
– Quick and easy installation

Please note, the Busch & Muller Avy E Front Light is required for the rear light to operate.

*For Gocycle G2, G3 and GS models please click here to check if your Gocycle needs any adapters for the lights to be fitted. If unsure or if in doubt, please contact us

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