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Owner Chris Bullick is set to put Gocycle’s award-winning ride credentials to the ultimate test as he tackles the UK’s RideLondon-Essex 100 challenge this weekend.

The annual celebration will see riders come together to tackle a 100-mile route through the heart of London and neighbouring county Essex.

Chris will complete the challenge on a red Gocycle G4i+ powered by 100% renewable solar energy with the help of Solarcycle, the UK’s only ‘Solar-in-a-Box’ e-bike charge station provider.

The team at Solarycycle will charge Chris’s batteries in advance, enabling him to take nothing from the National Grid.

The fast-folding Gocycle G4i+ is well equipped for the job with its award-winning combination of the ride comfort and dynamics of a full-size bike with all the versatility of a folding e-bike.

Chris attests to this having recently completed a 40-mile training ride on the G4i+:

“The folding G4i+ is an unbelievably good ride. It feels like any brilliant carbon-fibre road bike. Stiff where and when it needs to be, but also compliant where it needs to be. Hugely confidence-inspiring.”

Chris will utilise the fully customisable assistance settings in the GocycleConnect app to stretch the Gocycle’s 50-mile range as far possible.

He can take battery management inspiration from namesake Chris Skidmore, who cycled 950 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats on his Gocycle G3 in 2019. A bespoke customised setting enabled Chris to cycle 70 miles each day while using just 50% of the bike’s battery.

Chris is completing the RideLondon-Essex 100 to raise funds for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. You can find out more about the challenge on his fundraising page.

How far do you think Chris will make it on one battery charge this weekend? Let us know if you have any tips from your own long distance Gocycle rides.

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