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The wait is over! We are incredibly excited to reveal a first glimpse at our pioneering new Gocycle CXi & CX+ Family Cargo electric bikes.

Lightweight, portable & fun. The Gocycle CXi & CX+ will be like no other family cargo ebike available today with their futuristic automotive-inspired design and stunning array of innovation.

Gocycle’s first foray into the Family Cargo electric bike space will showcase the latest evolution of our OneDesignDNA® philosophy which is underpinned by class-leading lightweight, seamless design and complete integration.



Gocycle Designer & Founder Richard Thorpe said: “Entering the cargo e-bike scene is a bold move for Gocycle, expanding our product family into uncharted territory. We’ve focused on our core values of lightweight and portability – addressing a vital gap in the market, especially for customers turned off by cumbersome and heavy cargo bikes.”

“We’ve also stayed true to our OneDesignDNA® philosophy, preserving a cohesive design language and sleek identity across all Gocycle products. Instantly recognizable as a Gocycle, the all new CXi employs Gocycle’s kernel of patented innovations such as our side-mounted Pitstopwheels®, Gocycle’s F1-inspired monocoque chassis, enclosed Cleandrive® drivetrain and internal cabling.”

“And for those seeking the pinnacle of innovation, say hello to Flofit® – probably the most adjustable-for-comfort handlebar ever developed! Adjustable in reach, grip angle, offering multiple hand positions, and of course foldable – it’s a game-changer for discerning urban e-bikers. Our commitment to building the best urban e-bikes on the planet continues. Welcome to Gocycle’s take on cargo e-biking.”




Gocycle’s iconic OneDesignDNA® philosophy runs throughout all aspects of the new CXi & CX+. Patented side-mounted Pitstopwheels®, no exposed cables, gears, grease or wire spokes – including hallmark design features like protective disk brake covers and easy to clean surfaces. The cohesive design language of the Gocycle CXi & CX+ sets themselves apart, ensuring instant recognition with Gocycle urban electric bike provenance – truly a class of one.



FloFit® Handlebar

Gocycle’s all-new Flofit® handlebar brings a quantum leap in rider ergonomics and comfort. Whether you prefer an upright riding position or a forward racing style, Flofit® adjusts to suit you. Its adjustable in reach, height, grip angle, as well as providing multiple hand positions and fingertip controls. The patent-pending tech is packaged and protected neatly inside the handlebar body which includes an optional Quad-lock® mounting point. One bolt provides easy access for brake adjustments and tuning. Exclusively available on the halo Gocycle CX+ model. CXi range specified with Gocycle’s existing integrated Daytime Running Light (DRL) enabled handlebar, as seen on the award-winning Gocycle G4i & G4i+. Watch Flofit® in action:



5-Speed Belt Drive

5-Speed Shimano Nexus hub belt drive provides extended gear range for carrying extra loads and stretching your legs on the flats. Ultra smooth and premium Gates CDX carbon belt drive integrated with Gocycle’s patented Cleandrive® delivers rider protection, easy cleaning and Gocycle’s class-leading aesthetics.



WingPillar Frame®

With advanced engineering and thoughtful application of high-tech composite materials, the bold new WingPillar Frame® design builds from Gocycle’s core F1-inspired monocoque chassis DNA. Tested to meet the high-load and safety standards (220 kg / 480lbs rated) demanded for hauling stuff, kids, and pets – and lightweight. The rear deck is compatible for MIK child seats and accessories making multimodal configurations a breeze to fit. The ultimate family ebike. Optional premium cherry and teak wood available.



Lightweight and Stowable

Most cargo bikes are bulky, cumbersome and heavy making them challenging to store and maneuver in tight city living spaces. The CXi & CX+ take a bold step forward with their class-leading lightweight design at just 23 kg/50 lbs. Not just a bike; it’s a portable solution tailored for urban living. Easily storable in tight spaces and effortlessly transportable with cars, boats, and motorhomes. The CXi & CX+ are the epitome of versatility, convenience and modern living. The ultimate cargo electric bike for family.



Limited Availability: Pre-Orders Open Now

The pioneering Gocycle CXi and CX+ will be produced in small quantities at launch, placing them amongst the most exclusive electric bikes in the world.

The Gocycle CXi is expected to be priced from £5,999 / €6,999 / $6,999. Halo CX+ version, featuring the pioneering new Flofit® handlebar, will be available from £6,999 / €7,999 / $7,999.

Interested parties can place a fully refundable £499 / €499 / $499 deposit for the opportunity to be one of the first Gocycle Family Cargo owners in the world. First deliveries expected from September 2024.

From the flamboyant to the reserved. The Gocycle CXi & CX+ can be specified in the following colours at launch: Grey Black, White Black, White Orange, White Yellow, White Blue, White Green.


The Gocycle CXi & CX+ will complement the award-winning fast-folding G4, G4i and G4i+ models in Gocycle’s 2024 product line-up.



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