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Did you see the news? At the start of February, we revealed an exclusive first glimpse at our pioneering new Gocycle CXi & CX+ Family Cargo electric bikes.

CXi & CX+ will be the ultimate family ebikes with their lightweight, portable design and stunning array of innovation.

Our newest Gocycle models have certainly generated a lot of attention already!

Here’s what some of the world’s leading media outlets have had to say:

“The London-based boutique maker of Formula 1-inspired e-bikes proves that cargo bikes for families don’t have to be boring monstrosities.” The Verge

“Premium e-bike brand Gocycle unveils the sleekest-looking cargo bike you’ve ever seen.” Electrek

“The Gocycle CXi and CX+ aren’t even out and they are already winning the most-stylish-cargo-ebike sweepstakes.” Electric Bike Report

“Gocycle’s CXi family cargo electric bike is sleek, lightweight, and foldable” designboom

“Gocycle Releases A Sleek New Electric Cargo Bike With Race-Inspired Innovation.” Bike Mag

“Gocycle’s latest innovation is a bike like no other.” Ebike Tips

Over in Germany, our newest models caught the attention of Welt.de, Netzwelt.de, and Focus.de amongst many other notable media outlets.

Leading French consumer technology site FRANDROID also featured the CXi & CX+ launch, commenting on its impressive lightweight design.

February’s CGI preview is just the start of the CXi & CX+ launch. In the coming weeks we’ll release more information to showcase these pioneering new models in more detail.

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