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Are you looking for one of the most exclusive electric bikes on the market? Look no further than the Gocycle G3+.

The G3+ features the best of Gocycle’s industry-leading technologies and is a truly unique proposition for urban riders with just 300 produced worldwide.

Let’s explore what makes the G3+ stand out from the rest.

Iconic Stowable Design

The G3+ is engineered upon Gocycle’s iconic stowable platform which has captured hearts and minds the world over since its debut on the Gocycle G1 in 2009. The latest iteration, the G3+, features a lightweight magnesium frame and patented Cleandrive® system which are mated to a high-performance carbon variant of Gocycle’s quick-detach PitstopWheels®.

The stowable design not only delivers ultimate design purity with its flowing uninterrupted lines but also added practicality too. Popular with the aviation and marine audience, the stowable design of the G3+ means it can be folded down into a compact package in a matter of minutes for easy transit or storage.

The inclusion of Gocycle’s award-winning fast-folding handlebar and folding pedals brings added versatility to the stowable design, enabling quick and easy storage in narrow hallways or tight living spaces without always needing to fully stow the bike.

High-Performance Carbon PitstopWheels®

G3+ is specified with a stunning carbon version of Gocycle’s famed PitstopWheels® which deliver unrivalled urban e-bike performance. The ultra-lightweight carbon variant exclusively feature on the G3+ and halo fast-folding G4i+ model.

Did you know Gocycle’s PitstopWheels® are record holders? The magnesium PitstopWheels® became the fastest bicycle wheel in the world in 2013 when the VeloX reached a top speed of 83.6mph setting a new world speed record for human-powered vehicles – imagine if they had the carbon version back then!

Industry-Leading Rider-Focused Technologies

Beyond exceptional lightweight performance and unrivalled design purity, the G3+ inherits the best of Gocycle’s pioneering rider-focused technologies.

The limited edition model comes with a bespoke cockpit on the handlebar, presenting all the information a rider needs on a streamlined, F1 inspired LED dash that displays battery level, driving mode, speed and gear position. It also features Gocycle’s predictive electronic gear shift which automatically downshifts through the gears when slowing down ensuring that the rider is never in the wrong gear, especially when the lights go green.

Another automotive-inspired feature is Gocycle’s patented Daytime Running Light (DRL). The DRL employs Gocycle’s unique proprietary light pipe design and technology which enhances the safety of riders by ensuring you can be seen from further away.

Bespoke Colours & Total Integration

G3+ has a fully integrated design with a 375 Wh battery housed in its lightweight magnesium frame that provides a range of up to 50 miles (80km) with a 4-hour charge time. All electronics and cabling are internally routed through the frame giving a class-leading, clean, seamless design.

It launched with never-seen-before bespoke Red, Green and Yellow editions in limited numbers as well as in Gocycle’s popular Matte Black, Gunmetal Grey and White colour options.

Richard Thorpe, designer of Gocycle, commented: “The G3+ is a truly unique proposition that celebrates the best of Gocycle’s no compromises design ethos and rider-focused technologies. Owners will get the iconic, clean, Gocycle look but with more versatility than ever owing to the inclusion of our award-winning fast-folding handlebar and pedals.”

“The ultra-lightweight carbon variant of our world speed record PitstopWheels® ensures the G3+ has industry-leading dynamics, promising an exhilarating and engaging ride for owners.”

The last remaining limited edition Gocycle G3+ models are available to order now from www.gocycle.com

Gocycle G3+ MSRP: £3,999; €4,499; $4,999

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