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The Summer is upon us! The perfect time to get out and explore on your Gocycle. Here are our expert’s top tips for ensuring your Gocycle is operating at its best this season:

Pre-Ride Checks

Gocycle GX/GXi – Pre-ride Checks from Gocycle on Vimeo.


You should always complete the pre-ride checks before riding your Gocycle to ensure everything is working as it should be. This is especially important if your bike has been in storage or not used for a lengthy period of time.

The Pre-ride checks include checking;

  • Front and Rear Brakes
  • Front and Rear PitstopWheel Quick Releases
  • Steering Quick Release
  • Saddle Adjustment
  • Loose Joints
  • Tyre wear and pressures
  • Latch adjustment and function
Complete Milestone Services

Gocycle Premium Service Plan

Want a summer of happy riding? It’s important to check if your Gocycle is due its annual service. As with all bicycles, preventative maintenance through regular servicing will help to minimize the impacts of normal wear and tear on your Gocycle.

Our technicians recommend a full service annually, or every 2000 miles (3200km). This service should be performed by Gocycle or an authorised Gocycle Service Partner.

The Gocycle Premium Service Plan is available to owners that have purchased their bike from new within the last two years. The plan covers your bike for all its annual milestone service requirements.

All services are completed at one of our Global Service Hubs by our expert Gocycle Technicians who will ensure your Gocycle leaves the Service Centre in top condition.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your Gocycle clean will not only help to protect your bike’s stylish design but will also help to minimize the risk of cosmetic damage and wear and tear to key components.

We recommend washing your Gocycle using a mild liquid soap and water mixture that is safe on bearings. Wipe your bike gently with a micro-fibre cloth and rinse off all soap with clean water before wiping it dry. If your bike becomes wet after a ride it is advisable to wipe it dry once you’ve reached your destination.

Never spray your Gocycle with a hose or high-pressure cleaning systems and avoid using polishes, waxes or solvents.

Protect Your Battery

It’s likely that you will be riding your Gocycle more than ever at this time of year with the warmer weather upon us. It’s important to regularly charge your battery to maximize its lifespan, especially when it reaches a low level and enters Power Save Mode (less than 10%).

Charging your Gocycle within 24 hours of it reaching a low level will help to prevent any permanent damage that can occur from a battery being left in a discharged state. You can find more tips on maximizing the lifespan of your Gocycle battery here.

Check Your Tyres

Gocycle’s bespoke tyres have been designed to offer superior grip and sure-footed handling for our riders. Tyre life will vary depending on usage and riding style. Typically, a high-performance tyre, such as the Gocycle Performance Tyre, will not last as long as a lower performance tyre. The trade-off is weight, puncture resistance, grip in wet weather, and easy rolling. When the central grooves in the tyre have worn down you should replace the tyre to keep you safe and ensure your bike is performing at its best dynamically.

Would you like to read more tips for looking after your Gocycle? There is a library of helpful articles on our Gocycle Support Site.

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